DRIVE IT TO BELIEVE I The all new Cadillac XT6

Fuel Type


Horse Power



Automatic 9 speeds

Engine Size

3600 cc AWD

Available Colors
Exterior Design

Fancy front grill

The impressive front grill is all you need to make a very powerful presence. 

Innovative lighting system

The LED headlights complement the impressive XT6 vehicle front and illuminate the road in all weather conditions. 

Interior Design

Electric panoramic roof window

Roof Window, allows all car passengers to enjoy the sky and stretches across all three rows of seats.

Three rows of seating

The XT6 has room for everyone, family and friends together. Three spacious and impressive row seats at the design and comfort level, all that is left for car passengers is to relax and enjoy the ride.

xt6 safety 1

Automatic front and rear parking assistants

The auto parking assistants direct your vehicle, to a parallel or perpendicular parking spot it detected, and all you have to do is brake and choose the right gear.

xt6 safety 2

Pathway Alert System with Cover and Dead Area Alert on the Sides

A lane crossing alert system helps neutralize dead areas on the sides of the vehicle. When crossing a lane, the system detects if a vehicle is in the lane you intend to cross and alerts you by lighting a side mirror. The system also warns you when a vehicle is approaching at high speed in your dead area to help you avoid a collision.

  • HD Mirror Camera
  • Scheduled Delivery
xt6 performance 1

HD Mirror Camera

Rear view camera, shows a picture of the area behind the vehicle, and gives a wider field of view with less interference.

xt6 performance 2

Scheduled Delivery

The XT6’s sound system features 14 high-quality BOSE speakers that deliver unequal sound distribution and maximum hearing experience.

xt6 performance 3


An upper display system that projects the windshield onto the vehicle data of your choice so you don’t take your eyes off the road.