Fuel Type


Horse Power



Automatic 9 speeds

Engine Size

2000 cc Turbo

Available Colors
Exterior Design

Lighted door handles

In the PREMIUM version, the door handles light up when the door lock is released to provide welcoming lighting in low lighting conditions.

20 "alloy rims

The 20-inch rims in the PRTIUM version of the XT5 were created in an innovative weight-saving stamping process that increases strength.

Interior Design

Panoramic Roof Window ULTRAVIEW

UltraView panoramic roof window covers both rows of seats, allowing all passengers to see the sky. And when the sun’s radiation is too strong, the electric curtain blocks the sun’s rays and helps maintain coolness in the passenger compartment. 

Customizable space

The XT5 can carry 5 passengers, but when you need more space for the cargo, the split rear seats can be folded in a 40-20-40 ratio. The seats can be arranged in three different forms depending on the size of your luggage, while still allowing space for passengers in the back. For optimal flexibility, all three seats can be folded into a completely flat position to hold up to 1,784 liters of cargo.


Stitched for your convenience

Quality materials, carefully selected


Cross-traffic alert

A cross-traffic alert, available as an option, monitors the movement out from behind you to the right and left, warning you of potential dangers on both sides of your vehicle.


Path keeping assistance system with path deviation alert

A lane-keeping aid system, tracks lane markings and detects lane boundaries, and helps you keep your vehicle in the center of the lane. It also alerts you to unintentional deviation from the path. If the vehicle starts to deviate to a different lane when you do not turn the turn flashers, the system, in combination with the Safety Alert Seat, transmits alarm beats using the seat cushion.


Safety Alert Session

The safety alert seat, which is available as an option, sends a gentle vibration to the left, right, or both sides of the driver’s seat to indicate the direction in which the potential danger lies.

  • Real-time reliever suspension system
  • Shopping Consultation


Under poor road grip conditions, the Stabilitrak system automatically applies braking pressure and reduces engine torque to keep you on the road and in control.


Real-time reliever suspension system

A real-time reliever suspension system monitors road and vehicle interference to reduce tremors and maintain smooth travel on paved roads.


Shopping Consultation

Three different driver modes give you control over the driving experience. Increase control with all-wheel-drive system for smooth, safe road behavior in all conditions.


2. For daily driving.

3. Snow / AWD