Adnan Juma Kerish

Chairman of Board of Directors

Dear customer and visitors,
Kerish Motor Mall was founded in 1994 as the second generation under the leadership of Adnan Kerish. surviving many political and economic events that witnessed the region.
None if this success would have been possible without your trust, the trust that was at the top of our priorities and at the forefront of our goals over the past years.

Brothers and sisters, the idea of “Kerish Motor Mall” was not an economic investment project, as many believe, but rather it is a crystallization of a set of national, social and economic goals embedded in the unique building of Kerish Motor Mall.
Today, Kerish Motor Mall is managed by the third generation, surviving over 80 years in the automotive sector.  KMM continues to expand its business and add branches of companies and specialized departments to the group. The result is an integrated group of companies, each of which specializes in a different field and is characterized by its own management. The company remains centralised in nature, but decentralized by operation; each company in the group remains a strategic center close to its market and customers.